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Brawn: 'Some people seem to think Masi did a deal'

Brawn: 'Some people seem to think Masi did a deal'

07-12-2021 15:23 Last update: 16:50


Ross Brawn is very enthusiastic about the how first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix went. In his column on the official website of Formula 1, the FIA's Managing Director of Motorsport speaks about a fantastic debut for the circuit in Jeddah. He also praised the race direction for their good work during the eventful race.

Sensational battle between Verstappen and Hamilton

Brawn opines that we've already had it all this season, but there was another layer added on Sunday. "So much intrigue, so much tension, so many battles between the two main protagonists. It was just sensational." He is therefore looking forward to the finale in Abu Dhabi. "I think everyone wants to see a fabulous race. It will be tough. Neither will give an inch, but we want a sporting race."

The latter is where some people do worry. Will Verstappen and Hamilton manage to get through the race unscathed or will we see another clash between the two rivals? "We don't want this championship to be decided by stewards' decisions and end up in appeals or elsewhere. It should end at the Abu Dhabi circuit and the best driver should win."

Compliments for the FIA

Brawn also compliments race director Michael Masi and the FIA. "They had a good approach to what was an extremely difficult race. I know some people think some of the decisions were controversial, but I don't think so."

Brawn particularly likes how Masi allowed Verstappen to start behind Esteban Ocon and Hamilton at the restart. "The alternative was to report him to the stewards and that could have resulted in a time penalty," Brawn believes. "Michael dealt with it pragmatically. Some people seem to think Michael made a deal. He didn't. It was simple: you accept the Race Director's decision, with a known outcome, or it's passed to the stewards to deal with."

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