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Verstappen sometimes overreacts: 'Pushes everything to the limit'
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Verstappen sometimes overreacts: 'Pushes everything to the limit'

07-12-2021 09:56 Last update: 14:04


In Saudi Arabia, the rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing was clearly present. Timo Glock found it particularly noteworthy that there was more attention to detail and the use of a DRS strategy.

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, most of the fans were mainly focused on the title fight and the world championship. The top teams were also very busy with each other and in this race, it was especially noticeable that they brought every little mistake to attention. "That's crazy and insane, but at such a level it's also understandable that you really pay attention to every detail. That's how it went throughout the race," the German told Sky Germany.

Verstappen took risks

Max Verstappen battled on the track to win the world championship, but Lewis Hamilton eventually managed to cross the finish line first. The Dutchman was able to be aggressive on the track this weekend because he had nothing to lose. There was no way the seven-time world champion could win his eighth title. "He takes all the risks because he says, 'If we're both out, we're both out'. That obviously helps him a lot more than Hamilton, who needs to take the points to keep the battle for the championship open."

Not only was there a lot of attention to detail, but there was a clear DRS strategy on display in this race. This strategy also played a big role in Turn 37, where a rear-end collision ensued. According to Glock, Verstappen's action was not great, but understandable. "Of course that's not very nice of Verstappen, but he knows his chance and is pushing everything to the limit. That's the theme we saw at all levels yesterday. They put all their eggs in one basket, including the strategy with the tyres. Sometimes I also say it was 'too much'. But he's fighting for the title."

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