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'Verstappen deserves all the credit as Mercedes always had the better car'
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'Verstappen deserves all the credit as Mercedes always had the better car'

07-12-2021 09:31 Last update: 14:03


Max Verstappen failed to take victory in Saudi Arabia, but the Dutchman still has a chance of becoming world champion in Abu Dhabi. Christian Horner still has hope, but is not too excited by the speed of Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line first in Jeddah, which means the lead the Red Bull Racing driver had is now gone. The drivers both have 369.5 points, so the title fight will end at the circuit in the United Arab Emirates. Mercedes have a super fast car, which is why Horner is afraid to cheer too early. "That’s been really frustrating in the last three races, just watching that dominant straightline performance, which you can’t do anything about."

The Red Bull team boss is confident Verstappen will keep fighting until the end, though. "if there is a driver that deserves that championship is Max Verstappen because Mercedes have had the better car. He has driven outstandingly. Max has been head and shoulders for me the driver of the year. He would be very deserving winning that championship," the Briton told the F1 Nation podcast.

Verstappen was excellent in qualifying

It looked very much like the Dutchman was going to take pole position in qualifying, but a collision with the wall in the final sector ended that chance. As a result, the seven-time world champion was allowed to start the race from first place, but Horner is convinced Verstappen could have put in a great lap. "I think it’s been the best lap we ever had in one of our cars up until that corner. I don’t think people actually realize what Max is doing in that car. I don’t think people recognize that we haven’t had the best car all year. Max has lifted this. He deserves all the credit."

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