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'Shame if Verstappen is labelled an unfair driver later on'.
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'Shame if Verstappen is labelled an unfair driver later on'.

07-12-2021 08:44 Last update: 09:08


Martin Brundle has spoken in his column for Sky Sports of his admiration for the qualities of Max Verstappen, but finds it unfortunate that the Red Bull Racing driver is tempted to commit 'professional transgressions'.

Professional infraction

Brundle is a big fan of Verstappen's handling of his car, but is less enamoured with his actions in recent races. In Brazil and Saudi Arabia, the Dutchman showed that he will use every trick in the book to keep Lewis behind him - but according to Brundle, he doesn't need that.

''Such is Max's car control and cunning he's sometimes able to pull off the audacious moves and leave a margin of doubt as to whether it's hard racing or simply a professional foul outside of the regulations. And it's those moments, such as the infamous turn four in Brazil, which are generating the confusion, controversies and inconsistencies'', says the former F1 driver.

Verstappen a dishonest driver?

''I'm in awe of Verstappen's driving skills and racing nous, and have championed him since the Chinese Grand Prix of 2015 when he was in the Toro Rosso. His touch and control behind the wheel is something to behold, but it saddens me that he's resorting to such tactics, he's better than that.''

''And for all his carefree attitude it will be such a shame if his legacy is to be labelled as an unfair driver. Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher had their faults too, and I was on the receiving end from both of them on occasions, but it's a sizeable dent on their immense reputations, not a positive'', concludes Brundle.

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