Jos Verstappen: "And to think that Toto had spoken to us in the new year"

06-12-2021 15:42 | Updated: 06-12-2021 15:48
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Jos Verstappen: And to think that Toto had spoken to us in the new year

Jos Verstappen hopes to never see his son at the Mercedes team. He thinks Red Bull Racing is a good place for Max Verstappen, who recently said it feels like a 'big family.'

Where there was mutual respect before, all talks with the Mercedes team boss are now off the table. "I don't like his attitude and how he has behaved, starting at Silverstone. One of the drivers was in hospital and they are on the podium celebrating as if they had won the world championship," Verstappen said in conversation with Daily Mail.

Jos Verstappen hopes Max will stay at Red Bull

Before the title fight began to take hostile forms, Wolff was still in regular contact with the Verstappen family. "We haven't had any contact with him, no message or anything," Verstappen said of the aftermath of Silverstone. "And to think he had spoken to us in the new year: I am not saying he was trying to bring Max over at that stage, but let’s say we had a good relationship before Silverstone."

A switch to Mercedes is therefore ruled out for the time being. "Max is contracted until the end of 2023, but I hope he can stay with Red Bull for the rest of his career," says Jos. "He is happy in this environment. We have a good relationship with Christian and Helmut."

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