This is how the British press reacted to the craziest F1 Grand Prix

06-12-2021 10:00 | Updated: 06-12-2021 11:10
This is how the British press reacted to the craziest F1 Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen go to Abu Dhabi locked on points in the Formula 1 World Championship. Ultimately, that was the result of an extremely chaotic Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. To be frank, the race in Jeddah created a difficult storyline to follow, but the conclusion is clear. This is how the British press reacted to the highspeed street circuit race. 


BBC Sport highlights the defining moment in a race filled with choas. "But in the defining moment, Verstappen was ordered to hand the lead to Hamilton because he had held it by forcing the seven-time champion off the track at Turn One with 13 laps to go. It did not happen immediately though. After Red Bull were told to hand the lead to Hamilton, Verstappen slowed to do so on the run to the last corner and the Briton ran into the back of him and damaged his front wing."

The Guardian

The Guardian sees Hamilton's skills and talent emerge amidst the crazy events. "After chaos, needle, misunderstanding and some absolutely uncompromising racing it took a cool head to prevail and Lewis Hamiltonduly delivered, his win at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix ensuring there is now nothing in it going into the Formula One season finale."

Daily Mail 

The Daily Mail highlight how the race finished in the stewards room, and the decision was confirmed late into the night. "Hamilton won this inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and then the madness went before the stewards. They had to decide if Verstappen should be penalised for brake testing the seven-time world champion as they diced for supremacy. At 1.45am local time the verdict came in. Verstappen was handed a 10-second penalty retrospectively. Even when applied the Dutchman was still classified in second place. Valtteri Bottas remained a footnote in third."

Sky Sports 

The british TV channel sees the drama keep on coming: "The tension in the Hamilton and Verstappen battle has been rising all season, and while the collisions in Silverstone and Monza had race-ending consequences - it would be fair to say the penultimate round was their most dramatic duel, and has led to the most animosity between the pair. The seeds were sewn to the crazy finish via the extraordinary stop-start Saudi Arabian GP."

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