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Red Bull chief: If that should be fair, I don't know anymore

Red Bull chief: "If that should be fair, I don't know anymore"

05-12-2021 22:35

Helmut Marko has shown his displeasure in several interviews and there seems to be no end to it. The Red Bull Racing advisor is angry with Lewis Hamilton, angry with Mercedes and angry with the FIA stewards. In the opinion of the Austrian his team is being thwarted at every turn.

By Bild Marko is confronted with the statements of Hamilton and Mercedes saying that they want to become world champions in a fair way. "I remember Silverstone and Budapest. In Silverstone Max was brought down by Hamilton, in Budapest both our cars were brought down. If that should be fair, I don't know anymore."

Asked what Marko expects for the final race at Abu Dhabi, he said in frustration, "First of all, I hope that today's result will be re-analysed and at best revised. But we have to win the race," said the top man, who does not hope Verstappen wins the WC by crashing jointly with Hamilton and not taking points at the Yas Marina Circuit. Toto Wolff indicated he does not expect that scenario either.

Marko compliments Verstappen

Some believe Verstappen's driving style is also often the cause of discussions like the one in Abu Dhabi. Marko waved that away. "Max's second restart was an unparalleled performance of driving. That was the reason why we ran on medium tyres, because we knew that in the first two laps Mercedes is better with battery management and can summon more power. Max took advantage of that hard but fair. Hamilton left the gap open and you shouldn't do that to Max."

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