Hill weighs in: "Bitter feeling"

05-12-2021 22:13
F1 News
Hill weighs in: Bitter feeling

Damon Hill refuses to choose sides in the latest incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but says that Verstappen drives with "absolutely no compromise".

Speaking on Sky Sports, Hill recognised that Verstappen is one of the more aggressive drivers on the grid. "There are some people who drive with absolutely no compromise and Max is one of those people. But he's very skillful."

Hamilton un-phased by Verstappen threat

Hill stated that, while Hamilton is wary of Verstappen, he is far from phase by the Dutchman's aggression and hard racing. "Lewis isn't intimidated but he is very wary of Max - and rightly so.""It will be upon the driver who is letting the other past to do it as safely as possible."

Hill refused to apportion blame on either driver for their late clash: "l can't really see what Max did wrong. He may have slowed down abruptly, but I think Lewis was nervous about going alongside him."

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