I don't think this is done yet - Wolff unsatisfied by Verstappen penalty

"I don't think this is done yet" - Wolff unsatisfied by Verstappen penalty

05-12-2021 20:21 Last update: 20:38

Toto Wolff has said that "this is not done yet" after several incidents between Max Verstappen and Sir Lewis Hamilton resulted in a penalty for Verstappen and victory for the seven-time champion. Wolff believes Hamilton was worth his win, telling Sky Sports, "I think he [Hamilton] deserved it. He could have been out a few times with a broken front wing and now I don't want to have dirty laundry on air but that was spectacular but not a good race." 

Wolff unconvinced by stewards

Wolff also believes that we have not heard the final word on what was an extremely tense Grand Prix between the two title rivals, saying "No! I don't think that this is yet done," before adding: "The telemetry shows is that he [Max] is slowing down and then accelerating again and then slowing down. Asked if Hamilton was aware that Verstappen was letting him go Wolff said: "He [Lewis] did not know. It was the wrong sequence of messages that came through there."

Wolff questioned the stewards' decision-making but was also quick to appreciate that they are under intense pressure to make the right call. "When is a VSC called? When is an SC called? When is a red flag? Its very difficult to call from the stewards. But for us there was a certain level of bias at the beginning we had two laps under SC and then lost the position."

His main concern, however, was the driving standards of Verstappen: "Its the driving that needs to be looked and assessed. Its hard, very hard but its over the line hard. We want a clean championship, and if its Max at the end then I have piece with that. It just has to be a fair race."

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