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Horner: Only a brave man would stand between me and Toto

Horner: "Only a brave man would stand between me and Toto"

05-12-2021 15:05


The feud between Christian Horner and Toto Wolff has been the talk of the town since last weekend. The two don't like each other and make no secret of it. Yet the tension is not so high that the rival team bosses can no longer stand to be in the same room.

Horner posted a picture on his Instagram page, posing with Wolff and Formula 1 chief executives Jean Todt and Stefano Domenicali. The Red Bull Racing team boss even joked: "Only a brave man would stand between me and Toto," he wrote.

Horner jokes about feud with Wolff

Todt, who is retiring from Formula 1 after twelve years as president of the FIA, dared to stand between the two. Horner and Wolff were therefore able to put their feud aside and have a friendly photo taken.

The 75-year-old Todt will pass the baton to his successor in December. On 17 December, FIA members will vote for the presidency, which is between FIA vice-president and sports lawyer Graham Stoker and former rally driver Mohammed ben Sulayem.

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