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F1 LIVE | Hamilton starts on pole for first ever Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia

F1 LIVE | Hamilton starts on pole for first ever Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia

05-12-2021 17:00 Last update: 17:00


Lewis Hamilton starts on pole for the second successive race, as starts alongside his Mercedes teammate on the front-row for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Liveblog | 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

It looked as if Max Verstappen would claim P1, but his mistake at the last turn, sent him crashing and he'll now start in third.

For Hamilton the starting grid was the ideal scenario. With Bottas behind him, the Briton has a teammate who can also defend and ensure he can pull away from Verstappen. Red Bull will have a harder time of it as Sergio Perez qualified in fifth place. It promises to be another thrilling battle in Saudi Arabia.

Besides the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Saudi Arabia is also the stage for Ferrari and McLaren. Both teams are still fighting hard for the third spot in the Constructors' Championship. Alpine and Alpha Tauri will continue the same battle on Sunday night.

The tension rises

With two races left the tension is rising when it comes to the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The difference in points is very little and both drivers are expected to go into the final race weekend level or with a minimal difference. The atmosphere between Mercedes and Red Bull isn't getting any better either, every weekend there are protests or complaints against each other and also this weekend they won't give each other anything anymore. Besides the battle between rivals Hamilton and Verstappen there is another battle going on. It is very important for Red Bull and Mercedes to win the Constructors' Championship.

This will earn the teams a lot of money which they can invest in the car of next year for example. For Mercedes, who now lead the championship, it is also very important for other reasons. They have won the title seven years in a row now and would like to continue this series. Red Bull would like to end this domination of Mercedes, but the results of Sergio Perez make that very difficult.

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