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Hamilton criticised: Unfortunately my name is associated with it

Hamilton criticised: "Unfortunately my name is associated with it"

04-12-2021 20:53 Last update: 21:35


Mercedes' recently announced partnership with new sponsor Kingspan caused a stir. The insulation company is said to have played a major role in the rapid spread of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, which killed dozens of people. Lewis Hamilton, who previously expressed his support towards the victims, clarified in a comment that he had no input in the new sponsorship deal.

Hamilton has also been criticised, given the message he posted on Instagram in the past. In it, he used the hashtag '#justiceforgrenfell', but he now seems to want to keep quiet about the sponsorship deal his team has struck with the company associated with the fire. He says the reactions the deal has provoked are 'news to him'.

Hamilton under fire for previously expressed support

"It's not something I want to talk about publicly," Hamilton is quoted as saying by Motorsport.com. He stresses that he has no input into the sponsorship deals his team agrees. "I have nothing to do with the sponsors the team contracts with."

The one exception is clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger, which Hamilton has brought to the team. "Tommy is the only one I brought to the team," the Briton said.

Hamilton distances himself from controversy

"When I heard what happened this week it was news to me," he explains. "I was very aware and kept a close eye on all the families affected. We know there has been a huge outcry and an amazing amount of support from the community there. So yes, as I said, this really has nothing to do with me."

The Mercedes driver is confident that Toto Wolff will make sure things work out. "I know Toto is sorting it out. Unfortunately, my name is associated with it because it is put on the car, but we'll see if it stays that way," Hamilton concluded.

Hamilton previously voiced support for Grenfell victims

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