Verstappen explains his process at the final corner of qualifying

04-12-2021 18:53
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Verstappen explains his process at the final corner of qualifying

Max Verstappen saw pole position slip through his fingers when he made a crucial mistake at the final corner of his push lap in qualifying. The Dutchman was set to take pole position from Lewis Hamilton in qualifying, but the mistake means he will line up in P3. 

The pressure of the Championship fight

Verstappen currently leads the World Championship, but over the last two races Hamilton has cut the gap. With a difference of eight points and just two races remaining, the pressure levels are high for both drivers. The mistake in the final corner could cost Verstappen massively. 

In a conversation with Sky Sports, Verstappen explains his thought process as he arrived at the corner. 

"I knew that I was at the time second behind Lewis, and then arriving at the last corner I was three-tenths under my lap time. I still of course wanted to do a good last corner, I thought I'd brake at a similar point. I had a lock-up and I tried to rescue it but I clipped the wall and that quickly broke the rear," Verstappen said.

Despite the misery, Verstappen searches for the positives. The Red Bull driver will be hunting down the Mercedes front-row going into the first corner of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 

"Not what I want but on the positive side, we were quick. Last few qualifying sessions we haven't been able to fight for pole. Should be alright I think, we should be competitive," Verstappen added. 

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