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Tough criticism for Verstappen: 'Hamilton is the true champion'

Tough criticism for Verstappen: 'Hamilton is the true champion'

04-12-2021 12:06 Last update: 12:39


The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is causing quite a stir. The country doesn't take human rights very seriously. Lewis Hamilton has already spoken about the problems in the country several times but according to former Dutch footballer Johan Derksen, Max Verstappen should also do this.

"Our racer in Saudi Arabia is now in a decisive phase. Normally there would be all kinds of ministers sitting in the front row, but in Saudi Arabia they can't do that", Derksen begins in the broadcast of Veronica Inside.

Derksen is pleased that Hamilton is speaking out about Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia. According to the football analyst, Verstappen should be less occupied with racing and more with politics.

Derksen praises Hamilton

"I think it's very good of Hamilton, he rings the bell. Verstappen is like, I am a racing driver and I have nothing to do with politics, but I think Hamilton is the true champion and shows the personality by daring to do that", says Derksen critically.

"You also have the guts, because I think it's easy for Verstappen. Look, Mr. Verstappen has to figure out one day that life is not all about racing. I think he lives a very primitive life. He doesn't get further than that cap he wears and the advertisement for Jumbo."

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