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Debate | Jeddah is not necessarily a Mercedes circuit

Debate | Jeddah is not necessarily a Mercedes circuit

04-12-2021 00:58

In the run-up to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Mercedes was seen as the big favourite. This was mainly due to the high top speeds that the team has achieved in recent races. Is it really a typical Mercedes circuit, or does it look better than expected for Red Bull Racing?

According to Christian Horner it is not that bad. "It's better than I feared," he says of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in conversation with Ziggo Sport. "I thought it would suit Mercedes much better than us, but it feels fiftyfifty."

Odds according to Horner fiftyfifty

Verstappen's form in particular in the early stages of the first free practice session seem to support that feeling. The Dutchman got off to a strong start, immediately racking up the fastest laps. Due to some set-up changes the rest of Friday didn't go smoothly according to Verstappen.

Does this mean that the track is not as favourable for Mercedes as was expected? Or will that come when the team pulls the 'pin out of the grenade', as Toto Wolff called it?

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