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Verstappen realistic: 'Then it just won't be him'

Verstappen realistic: 'Then it just won't be him'

02-12-2021 19:27 Last update: 22:23


Max Verstappen has two tough Grands Prix left to win the world title. Although he hopes very much that he will be standing there at the end of the season with the main prize in his hands, he remains realistic in conversation with Motorsport.com.

After the GP of Mexico Verstappen seemed to be heading for the world title, but nothing was further from the truth. Lewis Hamilton fought back with Mercedes and came anxiously closer to the Dutchman. Verstappen therefore realises like no other that things can go wrong, he said in the interview.

"Of course it has been a great year for us. We have had many beautiful moments. We have made a good step this year. We've really managed to improve the car and to be in the title fight right to the end is a very impressive performance from us," he states.

Verstappen is proud of his team

The upcoming races in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi can go either way. Verstappen tries not to think about that too much and mainly enjoy the moments on the track. "If I have a good car I know I will win the race. But if the car is not good enough, it just won't be him. You can just make it that easy for yourself."

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