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Horner lashes out at Hill: 'He's clearly not a big fan of Verstappen'

Horner lashes out at Hill: 'He's clearly not a big fan of Verstappen'

02-12-2021 12:53 Last update: 15:18


Christian Horner is on the warpath again. Where the Red Bull Racing team boss earlier confronted his rival Toto Wolff, this time he aimed his arrows at Damon Hill, former world champion and analyst of Sky Sports.


Horner states in an interview with The Telegraph that Hill does not judge Verstappen's performance neutrally because he is not a Briton."We’ve got a British driver going for a record-breaking World Championship”, Horner told the newspaper. “And Damon obviously has never been a fan of Max…if you talk to the Dutch then Max can walk on water. That’s just the way things are reported. And, you know, sometimes impartiality does get lost.”

Speaking to The Telegraph, Horner says criticism of his team slips past him. Yet he cites Hill, while Horner cites no examples that would show impartiality. “That’s something you’d have to ask Damon. But he’s not a big fan of Max from what I can see. It’s something that’s been noticeable over the last couple of years."

According to Horner, Hill is allowed to have his own opinion. "You know, it’s a free world. And, as I said to Damon, I’m the type of person that, if I don’t agree with your opinion, I’m not just going to roll over. If I think somebody is being an arse, I’ll tell them I think they’re being an arse."

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