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Tyre choice for Saudi Arabia uncertain: 'Can only rely on simulations'

Tyre choice for Saudi Arabia uncertain: 'Can only rely on simulations'

29-11-2021 16:40 Last update: 19:57


Sunday December 5th will be the first Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. Little is known about the track and according to Pirelli boss Mario Isola it will be difficult to choose the right tyres for the Grand Prix because of it.

The street circuit in Jeddah is completely new and therefore a big surprise for the Formula 1 teams and Pirelli. The circuit itself has only just been completed and therefore the teams and drivers are preparing themselves by spending a lot of time in the simulator. Pirelli will be keeping an eye on that simulation work, as any extra information is welcome in this situation. "We can only rely on simulations from F1 and the teams, along with other information we've collected, to come up with our nomination," Isola said according to Junaid.

High speed and fast corners

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be a fun challenge for the drivers, as it is a high speed circuit with fast corners. There are almost no slow corners, making it almost impossible to overtake, and the fast corners will also cause more wear. Pirelli will take these factors into account.

"This street circuit looks set to be quite different to anything else, and the high speeds with fast corners will obviously play a big part in the way that the tyres behave. Jeddah has more corners than any other track on the calendar, and one of them – Turn 13 – also has 12-degree banking, so there are plenty of different elements that will keep the tyres working hard."

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