Grosjean commemorates horror crash of one year ago

29-11-2021 15:23 | Updated: 29-11-2021 16:34
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Grosjean commemorates horror crash of one year ago

Exactly one year ago the hearts of many Formula 1 fans stopped beating for a moment when Romain Grosjean crashed into the crash barrier at almost two hundred kilometres per hour during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Today Grosjean commemorates this accident.

During the first lap of the Grand Prix he collided with another car and crashed into the crash barrier. His car broke in two and the impact caused a fireball. Grosjean managed to climb out of the blaze with minor injuries and survived this terrible accident.

The Phoenix

On the social media of the former Haas driver, Grosjean remembers this day and the big accident that changed his life forever. He says he wishes 'The Phoenix' a happy birthday. He gave himself this nickname after the incident, because a phoenix can always be reborn from its own ashes and Grosjean's escape from the fire can be compared to that.

The IndyCar driver has previously revealed that he has also written a book recounting the accident. In 'Le Mort en Face' Grosjean and his wife discuss the accident and the consequences it had. 

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