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Ferrari making a return to the top makes the title fight even more intense

Ferrari making a return to the top makes the title fight even more intense

29-11-2021 08:52

Ferrari are already working on the car for 2022 throughout 2021 and hopes to have a good chance of competing for the world title again next year. With the performances of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz this year, that could mean some fireworks.

Ferrari looks to 2022

In 2021, the battle for the title between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has been immense. Two drivers from two different teams compete against each other. It is a fight that Ferrari would love to take part in. Considering their budget, it is only natural that they would want to do so.

In 2022 it has to happen for Ferrari. The development of the engine will be frozen, but with a whole new set of regulations, the cars will be completely changed. A unique chance for the teams to work themselves up in the rankings. Ferrari quickly put the 2021 development aside to focus on the car for the next season.

Ferrari and F1

Of course, we don't yet know if Ferrari will compete for the title again, but it would be good for Formula 1. Ferrari remains an iconic brand that is closely linked to the sport and has countless fans around the world. If the team from Maranello can compete for the world title again, then you will see the red in the stands much more often.

As well as having many fans, Ferrari also have two excellent drivers at their disposal. Leclerc has shown for years that he belongs to the best drivers in F1, but Sainz also knows how to surprise time and time again. The Spaniard was seen as the second fiddle prior to this season, but nothing is further from the truth.

An internal struggle

Although Leclerc performs slightly better than his teammate on all fronts, the differences are minimal. Sainz, in his first year for Ferrari, has been an immediate success. He has been on the podium three times already. The Monegasque only managed to do so once in Great Britain.

Sainz surprises especially in qualifying. The Spaniard was seen as a constant factor on Sundays in recent years but was beaten by a wide margin by Lando Norris in qualifying. Leclerc was also seen as a man who is very fast on Saturday, but over twenty qualifying sessions the difference is on average only 0.067s in Leclerc's favour. Only the difference between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon (0.033s) is smaller.

On Sunday Sainz will also show what he is capable of. Leclerc finished ahead of his teammate more often than vice versa, but thanks to the consistency and three podium finishes of Sainz the difference in points is only 6.5 points.

Sainz surprises friend and foe

The differences between these two drivers are extremely small and that is one more reason to hope that Ferrari will be competing for the world title in 2022. The battle between Hamilton and Verstappen is great, but they are the clear number one within their team. If Ferrari could get into this fight, there will also be an interesting duel within the team.

Where Leclerc was seen as the crown prince of Ferrari, Sainz is now stealing the hearts of many fans. At the moment team orders are still followed when it comes to swapping P5 or P6, but how will it be when it comes to a podium finish, victory or the world title? Then they are both drivers who still have a lot to prove.

A title fight like the one between Hamilton and Verstappen is the best thing that has happened to F1 in years, but adding a Ferrari sauce to the mix would only make it even better. The team has the name, the finances and the drivers to be successful. Now the question is whether the car will be good enough in 2022.

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