Six ways to improve Formula 1 sprint racing in 2022

26-11-2021 10:05 Last update: 26-11-2021 13:37

After Formula 1 experimented with sprint races in 2021, there will be six race weekends with a sprint race in 2022. However, the question is how this will be implemented. In a new video, Chain Bear looks at what F1 can change to make Sprint better.

F1 Sprint

Since Liberty Media took over Formula 1 they have been looking for new ways to make the race weekend more interesting. F1 have already tested a different qualification format, but it wasn't a success. In 2021, the sprint races were introduced and according to F1 they do work. Chain Bear however has suggested some changes.

It is clear that the new format is not perfect yet. There is still little to drive for, it can have a lot of effect on your race if you crash in the sprint and across the board there are not many changes. In this video Chain Bear finds out what could be done better, including a separate sprint race championship, more points distribution and a special band for sprint races.

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