Verstappen asks Bottas about engine change: 'Are you going for the record this season?'

27-09-2021 20:31

Last weekend several drivers started from the back of the grid due to penalties. Max Verstappen picked up an engine change and started from P20 and eventually the news came that Valtteri Bottas changed engines as well.

The Finn started the Russian Grand Prix from sixteenth place. Mercedes called it a tactical move, something that was interpreted in two ways. According to the team itself there was actually something wrong with Bottas' engine, so they didn't want to take the risk. According to others, Bottas switched engines to get in Verstappen's way during the race. The Mercedes driver already got a new engine in Monza, but according to Mercedes it now has problems.

Moment in the paddock

If the latter was the real plan of Mercedes, they were not very successful. The Dutchman was able to overtake the Mercedes driver again quickly. During the Grand Prix weekend Bottas, Verstappen and Sergio Perez were walking through the paddock together. "Are you going for the record of this season?", Verstappen asked the Finn after his engine change.

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