Hamilton and Norris laugh at strategy: 'I was ignoring him the whole time!'

26-09-2021 19:48
by GPblog.com

The Russian Grand Prix had a dramatic ending for Lando Norris. In the end it was Lewis Hamilton who walked away with the win.

With just a few laps to go, it started to rain on the track in Sochi. At that point Hamilton was already right behind Norris in a battle for the win. Hamilton decided to go in for intermediates, but Norris kept on driving. This turned out to be the wrong decision, because it started raining harder and harder. The McLaren driver slid off the track several times and lost a lot of time. He even almost missed the entrance of the pit lane because it was so slippery.

Interview Hamilton

During the post-race interviews, the two Brits discuss their tyre choices at the end of the race. Both drivers did not want to come in at first. It causes a funny moment between the two and even Norris can laugh a bit about it, despite the disappointing result.

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