"You can't deny that Helmut Marko's program has been very successful''

02-06-2020 09:17
by GPblog.com

Oliver Oakes himself was part of the Red Bull program, but was quickly put aside by Helmut Marko. Now years later as team boss, he looks back on that period together with F1 journalist Peter Windsor.

Young talent

Helmut Marko is known as one of the hardest men in Formula 1. Red Bull gives many young talents a chance, but sometimes drops them hard. However, Oakes doesn't have a bad word left for Marko, who, in his opinion, does an excellent job by helping talents on their way to the top every year.

Besides Marko, Windsor and Oakes also talk about the talents of the current Formula 1. Lando Norris, Alexander Albon and George Russell are juxtaposed, but younger talents such as Nirei Fukuzumi, Yuki Tsunoda and Mick Schumacher are also topics of conversation during Windsor's latest video.

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