Formula E driver Ab responds to dismissal: "I've never felt this pain before"

26-05-2020 17:56
by Editorial Team

Daniel Abt made a catastrophic mistake last weekend by not actually participating in a sim race, but having a professional sim driver race on his behalf. That is not without consequences, he was disqualified from the race. Worse still, Audi has now distanced himself from the Formula E driver and so he loses everything in a short time.

Stupid action

According to Abt, the action originated as a spontaneous idea and never happened with the intention to harm others. To no avail, because for now he will disappear from view and it remains to be seen whether Audi will take him back. "Today, in a conversation with Audi, I was informed that our paths will now separate."

"We will no longer race together in Formula E and the collaboration has come to an end. It's a pain I've never felt this way before in my life", said Abt in a YouTube video in which he comes back to the incident and what is now the current state of affairs.

He also takes the opportunity to apologize and says - visibly emotional - that he hopes to come back in the near future. The full video can be viewed above.

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