Max Verstappen drives a virtual lap on the tight circuit of Monaco

24-05-2020 14:58
by Editorial Team

This weekend should have been the Monaco Grand Prix, the legendary street circuit that is inextricably linked to Formula 1. To give us some action on the track, Max Verstappen drives a virtual hotlap on the iconic asphalt.

While the Monaco Grand Prix is their favourite race of the year for many drivers, this will not be the case for Verstappen. Despite the fact that the Red Bull Racing car is generally very good on the track, the Dutchman has not yet managed to win the Grand Prix.

Every year he comes a little closer, but each time he is put off. The first couple of years Verstappen always ended up in the barrier and last season he got a time penalty for an incident in the pitlane. Will 2021 finally be the year in which he can hold up the biggest cup?

Practice on the streets of Monaco

In the meantime, the Dutchman can explore the track virtually, as he does in the Red Bull Racing video. Qualifying is hugely important for the final position at the Monaco Grand Prix, so every exercise is useful to get the hang of the track. That's necessary too, because the time set won't be good enough for pole position.

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