In 500 hours you can make an F1 car out of cardboard

29-03-2020 14:50
by Editorial Team

Building a race car costs a lot of money, especially if you are ambitious and want to participate in Formula 1. It also costs a lot of time, but most people have enough of that in these difficult times. So if you always wanted to build your own Formula 1 car, collect some old boxes and get to work!

The videos of The Q show that it takes some tinkering talent to make this project a success. To make his creation look like the real thing, even he spent more than 500 hours in total. In other words, if you work at it non-stop, you will be finished before the end of April.

To make the car really look like one of today's Formula 1 cars, you will have to give it another layer of paint. Depending on the colour scheme, this will take about 20 hours. Good luck!

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