What impact has the Corona virus pandamic on Formula 1?

26-03-2020 09:29
by Editorial Team

With far-reaching measures already in place in several countries to contain the coronavirus, a global lockdown does not seem far away. Marc Priestley discusses in his latest video what effect that has on Formula 1.

Global problems caused by coronavirus

With the Azerbaijan Grand Prix being cancelled last week, the first eighth races of the current Formula 1 calendar already being hit by the novel virus and thatpostpones the start of the season even further. F1 teams have to shut their doors, hoping they can survive financially untill the season can start again.

Until then, the whole world is still dominated by the COVID-19 virus and there is a chance that many countries will enforce a lockdown. Priestley explains in his video what effect this could have on Formula 1 and how it could change the future of the sport.

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