VIDEO | What to expect from Logan Sargeant in Formula 1

04-02-2023 18:00 Last update: 04-02-2023 18:26

As Formula 1 looks to expand in the US with races in Texas, Miami and now Las Vegas, possibly the biggest moment in the sport’s progression in the states is the arrival of Logan Sargeant at Williams. Today we are focusing on the man from America and everything you can expect from Logan Sargeant in Formula 1.

Rapid in qualifying

To give yourself the best chance of succeeding on race day you need to get off to a good start with qualifying and in his previous campaigns there haven’t been many better than Logan Sargeant.

During the 2020 Formula 3 Championship, he claimed pole more than any other driver, including three pole positions in a row at Silverstone and Barcelona. In his first and only full season in Formula 2 he took two more pole positions which was tied for third behind Jack Doohan who he beat in the championship and Felipe Drugovich who was the eventual Champion.

Now stepping up to Formula 1 the chances of that happening are extremely slim especially given the fact he’s racing for Williams possibly the slowest team on the grid. However, if he can be on average within a couple places of Alex Albon and beat him every now and then he can probably say that’s a job well done. 

Maximum Performance

Now we’ve seen in Formula 1 drivers drag their car to positions they simply just weren’t expected to. Hamilton and Russell in the Mercedes last season, Lando Norris in the McLaren and at times Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari in 2020 and 2021 and we could add another driver to that list. Logan Sargeant has become well renowned for dragging his car up the order, pulling off unlikely results. Back in 2019 Sargeant dragged a distinctly average Carlin from P6 on the grid to a podium finish, all after initially qualifying in tenth. Maybe even more impressively he some how finished third in the Drivers’ Championship in the 2021 Formula 3 season. This might not seem that impressive, but the Charouz he was driving was truly terrible. To put it into perspective his four teammates scored 25 of 127 points, Sargeant scored 102 of them. Without those results they would have almost definitely finished lower in the standings and he even managed to win a race in Sochi. 

Quick to adapt

Although it hasn’t been the perfect ride up to Formula 1, Sargeant is clearly talented if he’s making the step up to Formula 1 after just one season in Formula 2. His first season in Formula 3 was solid, dragging to the Charouz up the field in his third, and although his second season didn’t go to plan, his step up to F2 can be considered a success. Two wins, a couple of podiums and fourth in the standings it was a good return and given he’s going straight into F1 it’s pretty clear he’s quick to adapt to the different classes.

Massive support

We’ve already mentioned about F1 booming in the States and this will help take it to the next level. COTA already draws in one of the best crowds, imagine that with a US driver on the grid. Add to that two more races in America, I don’t think it is crazy to suggest Sargeant could be one of the most supported drivers next season.

What can be considered a success?

Now it is hard to say what success would be for Logan Sargeant next season given the performance of the Williams and his mixed results through the classes. However, we think if he can stick with Alex Albon being just a few places behind in qualifying and the race he can call it a good season given the low expectation at Williams.