This double overtake in F1 has been nominated for 'FIA action of the year'

25-11-2022 19:37 Last update: 25-11-2022 22:33

The FIA has nominated 11 racing actions, across 11 different racing classes, as 'FIA action of the year'. For Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton's double overtaking manoeuvre on Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc at Silverstone has been nominated.

Overtake nominated for FIA action of the year

In the closing stages of the Great Britain GP of the 2022 F1 season, Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc fought a fierce battle with only seven laps to go. Leclerc was on the wrong tyres, making him an easy prey for the Red Bull Racing driver, but Leclerc did not make it easy for Perez and in the third sector of Silverstone they had a nice fight.

The FIA chose the overtaking manoeuvre Hamilton then made on both drivers as a nomination for action of the year. In the final corner of the lap, the Mercedes driver shot past the other two drivers to P2 in front of his cheering home crowd. Rewatch the moment above. Hamilton could no longer hold P2 and eventually finished in P3. Indeed, Perez still caught up with the Briton, but he too could not win. Carlos Sainz was unchallengeable and Leclerc finished fourth with Fernando Alonso just a second behind him.