Ricciardo enthusiastic about returning to Red Bull Racing

23-11-2022 20:52 Last update: 23-11-2022 22:15


It was announced on Wednesday that Daniel Ricciardo will return to Red Bull Racing. The Australian will take up the role of test driver with the team. In a video on Red Bull Racing's YouTube channel, we see the former McLaren driver explaining his new appointment. The Perth-based driver is very excited to return, but does not want to be present at all races next season.

In the new video, Ricciardo says, among other things, that he is happy to get to work with old friends again next season, the people he has fond memories of. The Australian is also looking forward to the many off-track activities he gets to perform for Red Bull. For instance, he looks back very fondly on the famous caravan race with Max Verstappen and many other funny moments.

The Perth-based driver also has fond memories of his first win with Red Bull Racing, calling it one of the greatest moments of his life. Despite the fact that next season will be different from his previous time with the Milton Keynes-based team, he is hugely looking forward to the time to come.

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