GPblog speaks to Dutch Prince about the possibility of hosting a Grand Prix

21-05-2018 18:44

GPblog visited the Zandvoort Circuit and spoke exclusively to Dutch Prince Bernard van Oranje about the possibility of hosting a Grand Prix. He confirmed: “it’s a process we are working on.”

The event at weekend featured plenty of activities with Max Verstappen the major attraction in his own backyard. In an exclusive interview with GPblog, van Oranje speaks about how this event could turn into a Grand Prix weekend. 

“We do not talk about percentages, but it is a process we are working on,” said van Orange when asked how close it is until the F1 circus arrives. 

“This is the dream of the Netherlands and the Jumbo Race Days is a nice showcase for the world to demonstrate how much Formula 1 lives here in the Netherlands.” 

F1’s following in the Netherlands has increased dramatically over the last few seasons. This growth has been in correlation with the emergence of their 20-year-old superstar Max Verstappen. 

Giving the fans a race to see their driver in action would bring in extra attention and van Oranje believes his track is ready for it. 

“In the end, we are a historical circuit with a crazy history and especially in the  Formula 1 business, they respect history, which could be one of the main reasons for us joining the F1 calendar,” added the Prince. 

“We want to keep the circuit as it is, and that includes the charm and the power. We will have to come together, but I do not worry.”

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