Verstappen fans treat Mercedes supporters to Red Bull in Budapest

02-08-2022 07:56 Last update: 02-08-2022 09:12

After last season's heated title fight, the fans of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton do not like each other very much. After the Hungarian Grand Prix, two groups of fans proved that rivalry and sportsmanship can work in good harmony. There was laughter after the Verstappen fans had played a joke.

From Verstappen being booed by Hamilton supporters and vice versa, to Mercedes caps being set on fire. It is not always friendly between the fans of both drivers. Fortunately, there are also fans who can set a good example, including two groups of fans in the video below. After the race in Hungary, which was won by Verstappen, a group of Mercedes supporters were having a drink in Budapest. However, they got a pleasant surprise from the Verstappen supporters in the same pub.

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