Hilarious: Coulthard makes a move on Verstappen

05-07-2022 19:13 Last update: 12-07-2022 13:54


That David Coulthard and Max Verstappen are good buddies is well known, but during a recent interview by Channel 4 Coulthard took his chance to go a step further and (just for fun of course) started hitting on Verstappen.

Coulthard makes a move on Verstappen

Around the time of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Coulthard published a long interview with Verstappen in which he questioned the Dutchman about his chances of winning the title. The reigning World Champion also elaborated on his relationship with his team, including team principal Christian Horner.

As always, however, there was also the opportunity for some less serious matters. Coulthard 'tries' to make a pass at Verstappen, because the setting of the interview is very romantic after all. Verstappen went along with the Scotsman's antics and even suggested to do the same in Monaco.

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