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Verstappen and Sainz get bored at press conference

03-07-2022 12:02 Last update: 03-07-2022 12:16


Max Verstappen will start the British Grand Prix from second place. On a rainy and soaking Silverstone, the world champion came 72 thousandths short of Carlos Sainz, who will therefore start from the front on Sunday afternoon. Sainz's team mate Charles Leclec will start the race from third place. Of course, at the end of a qualifying session there is a lot of media attention when you finish in the Top 3.

Little attention

On TikTok a video has appeared in which the attention of the polesitter and Verstappen clearly seems to slowly wander away during the press conference. The Spaniard and the Dutchman seem to have little interest in the questions asked to Charles Leclerc in the video, but live up when they are asked a question by the attending journalists.

Funny images and reactions

We see a bored Carlos Sainz and his mind seems to be elsewhere. Max Verstappen on the other hand is busy fidgeting with his microphone, shoes and fingers. It's creating funny images and reactions on the social media app.

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