Watch: The first 2022 car in action on the Silverstone circuit

11-02-2022 13:52 Last update: 11-02-2022 14:15

The test days in Barcelona do not begin until February 23, yet the first 2022 car can already be admired on the track. Aston Martin is the first team to take to the track.

Formula One teams are allowed to hold a film day twice a year, and Aston Martin takes advantage of that right away with its so-called shakedown the day after its car launch. The AMR22 is driving around the Silverstone circuit on Friday.

Regulations in action

Aston Martin is the first team to actually show the new car during the car launch. As a result, the car looks very different from those of Red Bull Racing and Haas. The team will already be able to collect the first data for the new season today.

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