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Verstappen feels one title is enough: Then you've achieved your goal

Verstappen feels one title is enough: "Then you've achieved your goal"

27-11-2021 20:29

Max Verstappen is nearing the end of a Formula 1 season that he could easily finish as world champion. However, he is not necessarily hungry for more if he manages to fulfil that dream and says that he actually thinks one world title is enough.

Should he manage to win the world title this year, what ambitions does he have for after reaching that milestone? "In Formula 1, not so much" Verstappen replied on the Chequered Flag-podcast.

Verstappen doesn't need to be a multiple world champion

He explains: "Because that's that, you've completed your goal. After that, it doesn't really matter how many you win, because you've already won one. Of course I would always try to win more, but that's the final goal."

"Of course I will work very hard to achieve that goal, but after that there's a lot less pressure. Of course I would still have fun racing, but I could also slowly start to think about other things I want to achieve outside of Formula 1," Verstappen said.

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