Andretti: ‘Hope that Herta will drive in Formula 1 soon’

26-11-2021 21:18 | Updated: 27-11-2021 01:55
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Andretti: ‘Hope that Herta will drive in Formula 1 soon’

In America, Formula 1 is alive as never before. The race in Austin had a record audience and for the new race in Miami the tickets are selling particularly quickly. This is perhaps remarkable, since there is no American driver participating in the sport. If it is up to Mario Andretti, this will change soon. The legend said so in an exclusive interview with GPblog.


When Andretti was asked which American driver is ripe for Formula One, he didn't have to think: Colton Herta, who currently drives IndyCar for son Michael's Andretti Motorsports team. "He [Herta] drove Formula 4 in Europe, when he was like 16, with individuals like Lando Norris." Andretti said. "So he has some familiarity [with driving in Europe]. But also - what is important - he has the passion and the desire to be in Formula 1."

Andretti continued: "Honestly, to see what he has done so far at age 21. He won six races in IndyCar, had seven poles. He won every race on speed, not strategy, not fuel, not anything. It was pure speed. He is the best that IndyCar has to offer. It is not to be overlooked. For Formula 1, to have an American there would be very valuable promotion wise. I hope it happens sooner than later [to see him in F1].”

Supporting role?

He may have won in IndyCar, but a seat with a top team in Formula 1 doesn't seem to be immediately obvious. Would a move to F1 make sense for him then, is the big question? "I've thought about that too," Andretti admitted. "Especially if my son were able to buy one of the existing teams. Certainly, it would not be a winning team at the moment. They would bring him there. [But] at moments you can always see moments of brilliance in someone. Maybe on his own he could earn some curiosity from top teams. A test or something like that. Right now, it is so difficult to penetrate Formula 1 unless you have billions of dollars behind you. I think pure talent should still have the opportunity to be sought out.”

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