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Horner optimistic about speed: 'Encouraging that we can match them'
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Horner optimistic about speed: 'Encouraging that we can match them'

26-11-2021 14:44 Last update: 17:50


Sunday December 5th will finally see the first Saudi Arabia Grand Prix at the Jeddah circuit. Christian Horner is pretty sure that this circuit will be in favour of Mercedes so the Briton isn't very hopeful, but he is happy with the lead of Max Verstappen and the speed of the Red Bull Racing car.

Verstappen still holds an eight-point lead in the championship and Red Bull have also closed the gap in the Constructors' Championship, as they are just five points behind Mercedes. Both teams are in the hunt for the titles, but it looks like Mercedes will score more points in the penultimate race of the season. Nevertheless, Horner is optimistic and satisfied.

"It’s been incredibly tight, so we go into these last races eight points in the lead in the drivers’ championship. We’ve reduced the championship lead in the Constructors’ to five points, so both are fully in play. That’s fantastic, because we’re not at the climax of this championship," said the Briton to Motorsportweek.

Focus still on rear wing and unexpected speed

Furthermore, Red Bull's team boss is also still concerned with Mercedes' rear wing. In response to his concerns, the FIA have already announced that they will be introducing new tests to check the rear wing and Horner is very happy about that. "I think what we’ve seen in recent races has been abnormal straight-line speed. I think it is encouraging that for the first race since prior to Silverstone, we’ve been able to match them in straight-line speed and it’s been exponential at recent races."

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