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Remarkable suggestion: 'Russell now in place of Bottas'

Remarkable suggestion: 'Russell now in place of Bottas'

26-11-2021 08:41 Last update: 13:35


Can Mercedes pull off a stunt and put George Russell in the car in the last two races instead of Valtteri Bottas? Olivier Zwartyes believes Mercedes should at least think about it.

In the final two races of the 2021 Formula One season, the drivers' title battle is between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but their teammates will also play an important role. Over the whole season, however, Bottas and Sergio Perez have not always able to keep close to the two title rivals and that has given Zwartyes an idea.

Opportunity for Russell

''If I had my way, I'd at least think about it [putting Russell in that car],'' says the Formula One expert from the German Sky. ''Bottas is going to Alfa Romeo anyway and the air is a bit out of that. Russell has had a lot of fun this year and will drive there [at Mercedes] next season anyway. Why not give him those last two races?''

It is unlikely that Mercedes will do so in the final stages of the season, not least because Bottas will suddenly have to be in action for Williams. Toto Wolff was also approached and clearly stated that this is not an option. ''We don't do this kind of thing in our team'', said the Mercedes team boss.

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