Norris clear: 'I'm not Lewis Hamilton still'

25-11-2021 19:07
F1 News
Norris clear: 'I'm not Lewis Hamilton still'

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are showing they are in a different category this Formula 1 season. Both drivers are miles ahead of the competition at almost every Grand Prix and together they are fighting for the world title. At the same time Lando Norris is also impressing in motor sport. The Briton doesn't dare to compare himself to the two, he tells ESPN.

Norris notices that his performance at McLaren benefits his popularity. Research showed that the driver was number two on the list of the most popular drivers in Formula 1, so people recognize him more often on the street.

Norris enjoys popularity

However, the British driver wants to temper the enthusiasm. "I'm not Lewis Hamilton still," he states. "I'm not a seven-time world champion and known for many other things like he is. He's popular outside of Formula 1 as well. I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near that level."

"But, of course, with the charts that came out the other day, being the second most popular... there's a lot of things fans love me for which is different from other drivers. It's OK at the moment. Sometimes it's a bit too much, but it's still a nice thing to have."

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