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'Then you know Red Bull needs to do a better job in Saudi Arabia'

'Then you know Red Bull needs to do a better job in Saudi Arabia'

24-11-2021 15:48 Last update: 17:14

Marc Surer believes that Red Bull Racing did not perform at its best as a team in Saudi Arabia, which is why the gap to Mercedes was so big. The Swiss driver points to the performance of Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri.

After the Grand Prix of Qatar, many think that Hamilton has the best chance to win the world title. The Brit won the last two races and especially the way he did that was impressive. Surer looks beyond the victories and states that there have been many predictions this season that did not come true.

Red Bull came up short

''How many times have we thought beforehand that one circuit would be better for Mercedes or Red Bull and it was exactly the other way around? If that is the case in Saudi Arabia, then Red Bull is the favourite (for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix)'', says the former Arrows driver at

According to Surer, Gasly also showed that Red Bull had not found the ideal setup for the car. ''Gasly was almost as fast with his AlphaTauri as Verstappen was with his Red Bull. If the 'B-car' is that fast, then you know not everything was right with the 'A-car'. Red Bull must do a better job in Saudi Arabia'', the Swiss concludes critically.

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