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Horner: 'Verstappen and Hamilton head and shoulders above the rest'

Horner: 'Verstappen and Hamilton head and shoulders above the rest'

22-11-2021 19:19 Last update: 20:08


Max Verstappen seems to have no nerves at all in the battle for the world championship. Christian Horner hopes they can win the title this year with the Dutchman but knows it will be an exciting fight until the end. If it doesn't work out this year, Verstappen has a bright future ahead of him anyway according to the Red Bull team boss.

Verstappen has no nerves at all. Horner hasn't discovered them yet either, he tells CNN. "He’s not showing any, I haven’t detected any. I think he’s just enjoying driving the car. I think he’s 24 years of age, do 24-year-olds feel nerves? He’s doing an amazing job, if it doesn’t happen for him this year, he’s going to win many championships in the future. He knows he’s got a wonderful opportunity, and he’s going to give it everything. He’s got nothing to lose."

So if it does not work out this year, Horner believes in future championships for Verstappen. "We haven’t had that specific conversation, because we’re very much focused on making sure it does happen this year. He’s bright enough to recognize that his future, he’s got a long future ahead of him."

'Clash between two titans'

"Lewis obviously has had a wonderful career, but he’s getting sort of to the autumn of that career now. It’s great to see them at the relative ends of their career, and the level that they’ve operated at this year. Those two have been head and shoulders above the rest of the field, and it’s been a real clash of two titans", the team boss continues.

"I think it’s fifty-fifty. I really do. I think it’s down to the fine margins, and the cars have been pretty close at most of the races. There’s no reason to believe they won’t be very close here again. We need a few things to go our way, but of course, we can do it," Horner says.

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