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Verstappen is going to beat Hamilton: 'It is inevitable'

Verstappen is going to beat Hamilton: 'It is inevitable'

19-11-2021 20:10 Last update: 23:27


Jack Ickx is annoyed about the many rules in Formula 1. According to the Belgian former driver this makes the title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton less fun to watch, he told RTBF.

Verstappen and Hamilton have both been penalised a number of times this season, and both were open to debate. While in the Formula 1 world the discussion arose, the stewards remained straightforward and simply enforced the penalties. It brought chagrin to Ickx.

"I find it disappointing when duels are then judged by people whose good will I don't doubt, but most of whom have never driven a race car before," he says. "Apart from, of course, the driver's representative among the race stewards. Here we are destroying the very essence of the fighting spirit of racers. With all these transfers, penalties and restrictions, it fundamentally changes motorsport."

Championship battle between Hamilton and Verstappen

The Belgian is confident that Verstappen will eventually seize power in Formula 1. "Verstappen will leave Hamilton behind, if not this season then in the coming years. It's inevitable, but I think the Formula 1 rules are frustrating. Surely this should be a fight between two men who are prepared for anything."

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