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Red Bull worried: 'We can forget about the world title if we do'

Red Bull worried: 'We can forget about the world title if we do'

17-11-2021 07:35 Last update: 08:27


Helmut Marko is gloomy about the last three Grands Prix. If Lewis Hamilton can match his Brazilian pace in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen could struggle to get the world title according to the Austrian.

Marko worried

With a new engine in the back of the car the seven times world champion was unbeatable on the Interlagos circuit. Mercedes have problems with the reliability of the engine, but seem to have solved this problem by simply taking a new engine with Hamilton. In doing so, he accepts a grid penalty but gets a huge amount of power in return.

''If Hamilton is so superior in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, then we can forget about this title. I have never seen such a rocket engine from Mercedes. We couldn't keep up with Hamilton on the straight, even though he was driving with a rear wing that you normally use for Monaco. But only Hamilton had that speed and nobody else from Mercedes'', Marko said to F1-insider.com.

Illegal practices at Mercedes?

At Red Bull, they don't believe Mercedes are doing anything completely legal. ''We are mainly concerned about two things which we may also submit to the FIA. However, this will only happen if we have proof that there is something with Hamilton's car that is illegal'', Marko concludes.

The German media claims to know what the two issues are that Red Bull's advisor is referring to. The first is Hamilton's engine and the second is a 'mysterious system' that lowers the W12 on the straight, drastically reducing its drag. The system also raises the car in the corners for extra downforce.

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