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Circuit in Saudi Arabia not ready yet: Race against time

Circuit in Saudi Arabia not ready yet: "Race against time"

16-11-2021 18:30 Last update: 20:10


Only three races to go and then the Formula 1 season is already over. The last races will be exciting, not only because of the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen but also because two out of three races are on new circuits. This Sunday the Formula 1 will race in Qatar and on December 5 the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia will take place. The question is if the track in Jeddah will be finished in time...

Exciting, but it will work

It will be the very first time that Formula 1 will race in Saudi Arabia and so there was a lot of work to be done to get it all done in time. There was a lot of doubt about it, but Michael Masi, the race director of Formula 1, is confident, especially after he visited the street circuit in Jeddah.

"I'm sure it will be ready for the Grand Prix. It was going to be an exciting one anyway, there's no doubt about that. But everything I saw on my last visit, the progression day by day and week by week, was amazing. I can't wait to go and see it again," said the Australian at Motorsport.com.

Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali is also eager and expects it to be a great weekend. "They are working hard, really very hard. But the track itself will be ready. Besides that, we are going to see a high-level show. Everyone is excited and a lot of work has been done. It's going to be really nice."

Race against the clock

So there is a lot of confidence from Formula 1, but they do admit that it is hard work for the organisation. Steve Nielsen, the director of sporting affairs within Formula 1, sees that it is not easy, but knows that it will be good. "It is a race against the clock though. They will really have to work until the last moment. But they will get it done. Everything needed to make it a safe game will be there. I have every confidence in that."

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