Norris wants changes to sprint race format already: 'Creates excitement'

Norris wants changes to sprint race format already: 'Creates excitement'

14-11-2021 15:44 Last update: 21:44

With the tests for a new format in Formula 1 coming to an end, everyone is looking forward to 2022, where there will be more use of the new format with a sprint race. One of the bottlenecks however, is the free practice on Saturday morning. As the cars are already in Parc Ferme, no more changes can be made and as the fans are mainly looking forward to the sprint race, the second free practice session feels quite unnecessary for some.

For the teams, however, it is an hour to collect a lot of important data, but that could change. Drivers also think that some adjustments will make for a more exciting race weekend. Lando Norris also has an idea about Saturday's possible setup. "What I would like to see is that the qualifying for Friday, determines the grid for Sunday," the McLaren driver explains to

More excitement on Saturday

Norris would like to see a sprint race, with no consequences for the Grand Prix starting grid. "Then you get a one-shot qualifying on Saturday morning before the sprint race on Saturday. That you get one lap, like they used to have. I think it could be exciting, instead of FP2 that we have now. Now you can set up something different on Saturday. After all, the sprint race doesn't affect the race on Sunday."

Between 2003 and 2005, Formula 1 tested using a single lap to set your time, but it never became a successful system. That something needs to change about the current format of Saturday is clear at F1.

Ross Brawn explains that discussions are being held. "We're having discussions with the teams about how to make Saturday a little more challenging and I'm sure the new cars will help with that. It will allow them to race more against each other," concluded F1's sporting director.

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