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Can Red Bull use the aggressive strategy again? Pirelli expects two stops

Can Red Bull use the aggressive strategy again? Pirelli expects two stops

14-11-2021 14:25 Last update: 20:18


Due to the fact that we had to deal with a sprint qualification for the third time this weekend, all drivers have a free choice of tyres for the Grand Prix. Normally, all drivers in the top 10 would have to start on the tyre they ran in Q2, but now everyone gets to choose which of the three tyres they start on. According to Pirelli, there is already a clear favourite.

While many drivers on the grid opted for the softest tyre during the sprint race, the Italian tyre supplier says it is a certainty that everyone on the grid will start on the yellow mediums. A two-stopper will then be the fastest strategy, where especially the last choice will be important. Pirelli has calculated that a final stint on the hardest tyre is the fastest, but a final stint on a different compound would not be inferior to the fastest strategy.

Top teams keep options open

In any case, the teams seem to be keeping their options open. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have basically the same tyre choice. Only Valtteri Bottas has an extra set of fresh mediums left, but one less set of the softest tyre.

Considering the tyre selection, the teams seem to be undecided whether they will run two stints on the mediums or the hardest tyre, but a two-stopper seems likely. The two top teams will be looking out for each other, because with a small difference of two points in the Constructors' Championship, every point is vital.

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