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Horner confirms Verstappen's suspicions: 'Something must happen

Horner confirms Verstappen's suspicions: 'Something must happen"

13-11-2021 21:31


Christian Horner says he is not surprised by Mercedes' strong performance on Saturday in Brazil. The German team were penalised for a DRS violation on Lewis Hamilton's car but were nonetheless in fine form during sprint qualifying. Red Bull Racing have their suspicions about their rivals' rear wing, however, as Max Verstappen reported after the session.

The Red Bull team boss agrees with the championship leader's words. "To be honest with you there is no real surprise," Horner said when asked by Sky Sports for his opinion on his rivals' strong performance. "You can see Lewis' straight-line speed which is mind-boggling."

Red Bull suspects there is more going on with Mercedes

"We saw it yesterday that is phenomenal especially with the size of the rear wing they have on the car. It's something we have to focus on our own performance."

Red Bull suspects that Mercedes' DRS violation was discovered by accident and that there is much more going on with the German racing team's rear wing. "It's something that is enabling the car to do that kind of speed. Something must happen. Physics doesn't allow the delta that you would need to achieve that is pretty significant. We will try to understand that and go from there," the Red Bull team boss said.

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