Grosjean wanted one last race: 'I didn't want my career to end like this'

27-10-2021 17:50 | Updated: 27-10-2021 22:06
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Grosjean wanted one last race: 'I didn't want my career to end like this'

November 29, 2020 is a day that many Formula One fans will remember for a long time, as it was the day Romain Grosjean escaped death. Recently, he announced that he has written a book about that horror crash: 'Le Mort En Face.' In this book, he doesn't only tell about the horrific event, but he also has something nice to say about Sebastian Vettel.

Grosjean crashed into the crash barrier during the Bahrain Grand Prix, causing his car to go up in flames. Luckily he survived this terrible crash and after a few days, he was allowed to go home with light burns. Vettel was one of the drivers who visited him in hospital and that was very nice for him.

"He was worried about me. Seb is probably the driver that I feel closest to. He is living the same life as I am with his three kids and he wants to protect that life as much as possible," the Frenchman said.

Last race

At the time Vettel stopped by, the former Haas driver told Grosjean that he was just planning to drive in the last race, but the Aston Martin driver was not up for it. Grosjean was willing to do it if the doctors gave him the chance, as he knew it could be the last time. "When I told him I wanted to drive at the last race he told me: “No, you need to go home and rest!” I explained to him that I know it’s the end of my career and I don’t want it to end like that."

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